American Fine Art

James Jensen,  "Brave New World"

John Tisdale  "Large Turned Wood Vessels.

Fall Gallery Walk September 20, 2014

1611 Dragon Street - Dallas, Texas - 75207, 214-749-7749

This new collection is a progression of Jame's work:  Romantic, Artful, and Historical.  This  is a new level of sophistication.  James refers to Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella.  Please take a moment to look up their work.  It may assist in understanding these pieces.
Style of Art

James refers to these pieces as assemblages and they take a little more explaining.

"At first they are graphic, heavy saturated primary color, and shapes... but may not be immediately seen since each piece of the panel painting is individually hand hewn, colored, finished, and treated... then assembled on a large cradle."

"Artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella blazed the trail into simplistic color forms with heavy tight geometry."





Gallery Hours
10-5:00 Tu-F and  11-5 Sat.

1611 Dragon Street - Dallas, Texas  - 75207